Metallization For Printed Circuit Boards




Meeting the specialized needs of 人类发展指数 boards

DuPont’s long history of expertise in copper electroplating allows us to meet the needs of the next generation of high-density PCBs. We provide highly conformal copper plating that will enable any of your 人类发展指数 designs, 不管多复杂, 表现良好.

Choose DuPont as your materials solutions partner to provide:

  • Cost-effective conformal copper plating for 人类发展指数 boards
  • Metallization that will enhance board reliability
  • Multiple plating options tailored to your specific application
  • Miniaturization of electronic devices is driving the need for highly reliable metallization that can connect ever smaller metal lines and vias on advanced 人类发展指数 boards. Designs include laser-drilled blind microvias as well as through holes with high aspect ratios. Both types of vias need to be filled completely without depositing excess copper